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Orson Welles: Voice of Transformers & Frozen Peas

Had he not passed away on October 10, 1985, today would have been Orson Welles' 95th birthday. Sure, the director, actor, producer, and "original auteur" was widely heralded as the greatest director of all time, but he was also known for his remarkably thunderous voice that went hand-in-hand with his legendary stature. (George Lucas' initially chose Mr. Welles to voice Darth Vader but reconsidered for fear his voice was too recognizable.) 

In this post we'll take a look at two clips starring Mr. Welles. The first, which we'll call "Unicron,"has pretty much gone under the radar for the last 25 years. The second, a radio commercial outtake — let's call it "Frozen Peas" — has become infamous since its recording. 

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