The WViT Lists


The List: Identifying that Familiar Voice

Last updated: 8/15/10

According to TIME, "television commercials with celebrity voice-overs are most effective when people recognize the voice--but can't quite put a name to it." Well, if you've ever heard a familiar voice in a commercial and couldn't quite place it, or if just needed that final validation to convince your friends and family, then this post is for you my friend. The following list is a simple, but hopefully informative, go-to guide to identifying celebrity narrators in commercials. We'll periodically update this section, so drop us a line if you have suggestions. 

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The List: Audio Books with Notable Narrators

The first list in our new WViT Lists section is a compilation of notable audio book narrators (for the highlights, see our earlier post). While most of these books are available through, there are a few exceptions, such as Brad Pitt's reading of All the Pretty Horses, Jennifer Aniston's narration of Loukoumi’s Good Deeds and Christopher Walken's telling of Edgar Allen Poe's The Raven; in those cases, the links will take you to a page.

Each link link will take you to a specific narrator page where you can also hear clips. One note: In most cases we've left narrators reading their own works off this list. Additional names will be added once we receive. 

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