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Phil Dunphy Brings the Bing

The next time you're planning a vacation, ask yourself, "What Would Dunphy Do?" Ty Burrell, the actor that plays Phil Dunphy the "coolest" clueless father on ABC's Modern Family, is the voice of a new commercial for Microsoft's Bing. The spot, called "Adventures with Bing: The Big Apple," depicts a man planning his entire trip from Los Angeles to New York — booking flights, restaurants and attractions — using only the search engine.

Having Mr. Burrell "Ponce de Leon" New York City via Bing is a brilliant move in its own right, but it's taken to the next level when you learn a bit about the actor's history. Mr. Burrell lived in New York for ten years before moving to Los Angeles in 2009 for Modern Family. Watch the commercial, narrated in Dunphy's typical ADD style, below. 

Sure, Bing's "Big Apple" might not be as romantic as Google's "Parisian Love" spot from earlier this year, but it certainly has an understated story of its own. 

It's also worth noting that Bing and Google each have a series of search commercials. Check out the "Adventures with Bing: Agressive Octopus" ad (voiced by The Soups' Joe McHale!here, and Google's "Search Stories" here.

Thanks for the tip Katie!

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