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The Battle of the Olympic Voiceovers: USA vs. Canada! Freeman vs. Sutherland!

Inukshuk: Symbol of the Vancouver 2010 Winter Olympics

There’s a chill in the air, and frost on the ground, but a mighty flame will soon ignite, firing the imagination, and the spirit, in all of us,” or so says Morgan Freeman in one of Visa's many 2010 Olympic promos airing in the USA.

"Belief. Its essence is invisible, and its power is extraordinary. It’s the cornerstone of dreams, and it lives in the hearts of our Olympic athletes." At least according to Donald Sutherland in a commercial for CTV, the network broadcasting the Games throughout Canada. 

The 2010 Winter Olympics will kick-off tomorrow, February 12 in Vancouver, Canada. The 17-day competition will include 83 countries battling on snow and ice in 15 different sports for the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to stand on the podium and, "believe." 

Just as USA and Canada will go head-to-head in an attempt to win the most golds, both nations have their own advertising campaigns. Each is designed to educate home audiences about distinguished athletes and build drama — just in time for the opening ceremony.

Over the past few months, the two different countries, two different brands, and two different narrators have been seeding and crafting their own Olympic storylines. This post will examine and rate Morgan Freeman's five promos (for the United States) and Donald Sutherland's five spots (for Canada) to determine the ultimate victor. Two men enter; one man leaves

Welcome to the first-ever (like, in the history of the world) Winter Olympics Promo Olympics (or WOPO). Let the games begin...

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The Voices of the Evening News

On January 4, 2010 —  the first Monday of the new decade — Morgan Freeman became the voice of the CBS Evening News. The appointment of Mr. Freeman officially ushered in a new era of "familiar" and "reliable" names opening national newscasts. As observed by TV Newser, all three networks (ABC, CBS, NBC) now use a celebrity to commence their evening news programs. Because we do a lot of auditory analysis around here, we've compiled each introduction for your listening and viewing enjoyment. So lean back on that swivel chair (but not too far, please), crank those speakers and press play — then let us know, which do you like best?

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