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The Voices of Acura and Mercedes Duel on Broadway!

Last night I attended David Mamet’s fantastic play Race, staring David Alan Grier, James Spader, Richard Thomas and Kerry Washington. The show brought together four great actors in fiery production about race relations. The play is getting mixed reviews by critics but the "mainstream media" continues to leave out one astonishing detail: Race features the voices of two leading (and competing!) automobile manufacturers together on stage.

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About this Site

Some people are born with natural talents like a photographic memory or an innate musical ability. Others are gifted in athletics, have brilliant minds in english, science, math or all of the above.

Early in life I learned that I had what seemed to be a completely random skill: the astute ability to identify voices in commercials, films, cartoons, narration, etc. While I would love to try and make a living using this talent, I've gradually come to grips with the fact that voice — let's call them "recognizers" — aren't really in demand these days (were they ever?). Regardless, I've decided to do something with this superpower — and maybe, just maybe, make the world a better place in the end.


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